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Photo: Ben Kempas

Campaigning for Your Films

We believe in the power of documentary film, and we want to help build and maintain a worldwide audience for it. Film & Campaign can organise outreach campaigns around your documentary, establish networks with partner organisations, help you build your own solid audience database, and develop your community-driven, action-focused website. We tailor campaigns around individual films, providing intelligent, responsive content, from blogs to animations, promotional copy and social media campaigns.

Essentially, we can help you find, grow and keep an audience – something that documentary films often struggle with.

Strong films need strong campaigns

Ben Kempas, founder of Film & Campaign, is an experienced campaign strategist, award-winning filmmaker and certified NationBuilder ArchitectHe has been advising other documentary filmmakers, producers and distribution strategists around the world on their projects – well-known professionals and newcomers alike.

From 2011 to 2014, Ben worked as producer of marketing and distribution for the Scottish Documentary Institute, bringing worldwide attention to their feature-length documentaries including I AM BREATHING and FUTURE MY LOVE and leading tech developments such as the Portable Fundraiser.

Since Ben set up the organisation in 2014, Film & Campaign has run campaigns for high-profile projects including BUGS, SEVEN SONGS FOR A LONG LIFE, and many films of the Moving Docs slate, such as A GOOD AMERICAN and FREE LUNCH SOCIETY.

Ben Kempas is also known for serving 12 years as volunteer co-host of The D-Word, helping to build a professional documentary community with 10,000 members. 

He is a frequent consultant, speaker and tutor at film industry events across Europe.

Helping you punch above your weight

As service providers, we don't fund your projects but we can help you raise funds. Campaigns we've worked on were supported by the Bertha Foundation, Creative Europe, Creative Scotland, the Danish Film Institute, Nesta, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, and many others. Some campaigns generated additional income as part of the action, such as crowdfunding or community screening fees. And more and more rightsholders see audience build-up as their own investment in order to increase sales of the film.

Explore some recent case studies, as well as some projects that Ben worked on prior to starting Film & Campaign. If you’re interested in working with us, please do get in touch, and let’s begin a conversation about what we can do for you.

BUGSfeed – a taste of insects

A comprehensive publishing platform for BUGS

Find and engage your audience! But can you overcome 'disgust'? 10-month content campaign for audience build-up in anticipation of the documentary BUGS
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Social media campaign and web management

How can you get maximum attention to a niche documentary about dying – when you only have four weeks? Short-term social media campaign, web content management, #MyLastSong video sharing
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Paying it forward

How can we 'sell' a film about a world without money? We can simply 'pay it forward'.
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The D-Word

Platform development, fundraising, collaborative projects

The world's documentary makers meet at The D-Word. A co-host for 12 years, Ben Kempas developed the platform, managed collaborations and ran crowdfunding drives.
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Portable Fundraiser

Crowdfunding through Distrify players

Development and application of innovative crowdfunding and donation tools inside a video player that can be embedded anywhere.
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350 community screenings in 50 countries

Want to watch a film about a man dying of a rare disease? This niche documentary has reached global audiences through volunteer events, a petition, media, advertising, and top-up donations.
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