The early bird, seen from our campaign room in Scotland.
Photo: Ben Kempas

The Power of Documentary

The Power of Documentary

At Film & Campaign, we believe in the power of documentary film. We create promotional and outreach campaigns for your films, and sometimes we make our own films about campaigns.

We're a European team based in Scotland but available to work for clients anywhere in the world.

Interested? Here's how we can help your project:

    Film & Campaign can organise outreach campaigns around your documentary, create partnerships and help you build networks. We can develop professional, content-driven websites, write promotional copy and help you tap into social media to identify and reach an audience before the film has even premiered. Find out more, and take a look at some of our previous campaigns.


    Promoting ANOTHER PARADISE at Sheffield Doc/Fest


    A Germany-wide cinema-on-demand campaign


    Developing an outreach plan for ONCE AURORA

    Turn your documentary into a movement. NationBuilder software may be better-known as a political campaigning tool, but our founder and certified NationBuilder Architect, Ben Kempas, helps documentary filmmakers utilise it to design, build and run your own community organising system. Learn more about our NationBuilder projects here.

    Fathers Network Scotland

    Fathers Network Scotland

    Youth Documentary Program

    Website for SITAR / Meridian Hill Pictures, Washington D.C.

    Moving Docs

    Website for Anemon, Athens / EDN, Copenhagen

    We can bring the power of documentary to your campaign. Ben's film projects are all connected by one theme – they’re about people trying to achieve change. We can also help you get your message across, whether we’re providing a camera crew or managing and marketing a complete production.


    Four women and the state of Scottish independence


    Campaign for the largest dam removal project ever


    Taking on East Germany's regime and paying the ultimate price

    Ben Kempas is a documentary campaigner and occasional filmmaker. This is where he and his colleagues at Film & Campaign share their thoughts – from personal stories to portraits of our clients.

    Our First 'Blockbuster' (pt 3)

    In the world of independent documentary filmmaking, it’s not every day that you get to compete with major blockbuster titles. Remarkably, this is something that a project powered by Film & Campaign has now achieved.
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    Our own Cinema-on-Demand (pt 2)

    In the second part of our mini-series looking at the largest campaign we’ve ever worked on, we look at the challenge of building Germany’s first ever cinema-on-demand campaign from the ground up.
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    Our Biggest Campaign Yet (pt 1)

    This is the first in a three-part series about our biggest campaign to date, around German documentary DIE KINDER DER UTOPIE (Children of Utopia). Over the coming weeks, we’ll be providing behind-the-scenes insights into a campaign that we’re excited, proud, and even a little nervous about.
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    Join us for an outreach workshop or for a session at an industry event. Based first in Munich and now in Edinburgh, Ben has been involved in filmmaking and campaigning around the world. Here's a selection of upcoming and recent activities.

    Filmkraft Fagdag

    Filmkraft Rogaland arranges an industry day in connection with SHORT in Kinokino. Ben Kempas is known in the European documentary scene for creating great outreach campaigns for films, including projects in Norway.

    Nordoc outreach session

    Final workshop for producers who took part in the Nordoc sessions

    Outreach Clinic at Nordisk Panorama Forum 2018

    For the third year running, Ben will host an outreach clinic on Monday an Tuesday afternoons where all Nordisk Forum participants are free to pop in for a talk about organising outreach campaigns, building communities and taking control of distribution.

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