The early bird, seen from our campaign room in Scotland.
Photo: Ben Kempas

The Power of Documentary

The Power of Documentary

At Film & Campaign, we believe in the power of documentary film. We create bespoke outreach strategies for your films — grounded in our own background in documentary filmmaking and powered by innovative digital tools.

Our impact campaigns know no borders. We're a European team rooted in Scotland — and we work with clients around the world.

Committed to keeping the spirit of the doc community alive in the midst of a pandemic, we’re expanding our remit to include livestream production. Our founder Ben Kempas has been pushing the boundaries of digital engagement for decades. He’s now leading research and training for the Doc Society aimed at providing an online environment that recreates the magic of live documentary events.

Here's how we can help you:

    The film you’ve created is unique, so why limit its horizons with an ‘off the shelf’ outreach plan? We’ve developed a range of innovative techniques to bring independent films to audiences that traditional distribution just can’t reach. Together, we’ll define your impact goals and the best strategies to meet them. This could be a community-driven day of action to maximise public attention, or an online ‘story universe’ where your audience can explore the film’s themes. Long before your premiere, we build a following on social media to make use of your greatest asset: the energy and enthusiasm of your audience. Driven by our expertise in harnessing this people-power, our aim is to craft unique campaigns that will stand out in a crowded digital space. Here are some examples.


    Promoting ANOTHER PARADISE at Sheffield Doc/Fest


    A Germany-wide, year-long, on-demand impact campaign


    Developing an outreach plan for ONCE AURORA

    We’re committed to celebrating the open and collaborative spirit that is the hallmark of the doc scene. Drawing on years of experience as a filmmaker and campaigner, Ben has been sharing his knowledge in individual consultancies, campaign development workshops and presentations at industry events across Europe – on-site and online. Here’s a selection.

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    Focal - Impact and campaign strategies for documentary films (part 2)

    Impact campaign workshop for Swiss documentary makers and producers in Bern

    Focal - Impact and campaign strategies for documentary films (part 1)

    Impact campaign workshop for Swiss documentary makers and producers in Bern

    Outreach Clinic at Nordisk Panorama Forum 2021

    For the seventh year running, Ben will host an outreach clinic on Wednesday afternoon where all Nordisk Forum participants are free to pop in for a talk about organising outreach campaigns, building communities and taking control of distribution.

    In order for your documentary to have an impact, you’ll need the right digital tools to get organised. NationBuilder software may be better known as a political campaigning tool, but we were the first to apply its power to the world of documentary outreach. Whether you’re a producer, distributor or impact campaigner, our expertise will help you organise and grow your own community using NationBuilder. Increasingly, this grassroots approach offers a viable alternative to traditional distribution models. Here are some examples of websites we’ve built on NationBuilder.

    Auto Images

    Website for Auto Images, Malmö


    Website for Mittendrin e.V., Cologne

    Aconite Productions

    Website for Aconite Productions, Glasgow

    Prior to founding Film & Campaign, Ben Kempas worked in documentary production for two decades. Ben's own film projects are all connected by one theme – people’s desire to achieve change.


    Four women and the state of Scottish independence


    Campaign for the largest dam removal project ever


    Taking on East Germany's regime and paying the ultimate price

    This is where we share insights and ideas, stories that we’ve picked up along the way, and portraits of our inspiring clients.

    When Women Direct

    "We are women and we are filmmakers, and we want to be part of it all." Hannah Currie makes the case for the Women Direct(ory) launched by the Scottish Documentary Institute this week
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    A Pledge to Listen: FREE TRIP TO EGYPT

    Client portrait: How Tarek Mounib is building bridges in FREE TRIP TO EGYPT – and why we all need to listen
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    Why Film & Campaign is 'folding'

    Or, how we went from 'impact producing' to 'impact computing', helping a tiny bit in the fight against COVID-19. Will you join us?
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