Artwork from MEAT THE FUTURE


  • Client: Liz Marschall, LizMars Productions, British Columbia
  • Livestream producer: Ben Kempas, Film & Campaign
  • Event producers: Talia Woodland, LizMars Productions; Erin Sorensen, Third Stage
  • Audience platform: Doc Sessions and Eventive
  • Impact evaluation: Che Green

Shortly after its festival premiere we produced an online brain trust event for this multi-award winning feature on lab cultivated meat. Since then, the team behind MEAT THE FUTURE has gone on to develop a stand-out impact campaign to bring their message to a wide-range of audiences. This private online event brought together voices from the emerging cellular agriculture industry, impact producers, and the wider documentary community.

A measure of our success in providing the right online space was underlined when we produced further impact events with MEAT THE FUTURE in March 2022, this time coordinated by impact consultant Erin Sorensen at Third Stage. Here's an unedited full recording of one of these sessions:

We later switched from our home-built Doc Sessions platform to using Eventive and facilitated a video-on-demand impact event for MEAT THE FUTURE, or shall we call it a video-upon-survey one? Audiences completing an impact survey were automatically issued an Eventive ticket to watch the film which was made available for free to them for two days only, and later reminded to fill in a follow-up survey.

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