Campaign development for WHEN FISH BEGIN TO CRAWL

Campaign development for WHEN FISH BEGIN TO CRAWL

We facilitated an initial campaign development workshop for WHEN FISH BEGIN TO CRAWL, fresh from its World Premiere at the Edinburgh Science Festival on 15th April. The film, co-directed by filmmaker Morag McKinnon and composer Jim Sutherland, is a thought-provoking meditation on the climate crisis and humanity's relationship with nature. With a focus on Scotland’s Flow Country, the film blends art and science to reflect on present-day eco-emergencies within the context of geological deep time. The film was initially presented as a triptych with an original score by Jim Sutherland recorded by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and the team has plans to expand it into a feature documentary.

During the two-day workshop, we generated ideas for target audiences, outreach activities, and impact goals that align with the themes of protecting the Flow Country and promoting global soil health. Through various discussions and exercises, we brainstormed a comprehensive impact campaign strategy that includes a range of activities, from social media engagement and community screenings to partnerships with relevant organisations and influencers. Although plans have yet to be finalised, the workshop has provided the team with a clearer understanding of how to promote the film effectively and drive meaningful change. In future sessions, the strategy will be refined and a detailed plan defined.

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