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Consultations and Development

Consultations and Development

Here are some recent examples for consultations and campaign development with individual projects, from multi-day workshops to intensive research and development across many months.

"Ben's process to come up with new ideas is engaging. Gets you thinking. And ends you up in a place unexpected. And with enough coloured post-it notes to last a lifetime." – Diana Kushner & Stephen Smith, BENEATH THE POLAR SUN, Rhode Island, USA

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Campaign development workshop for WHEN FISH BEGIN TO CRAWL

WHEN FISH BEGIN TO CRAWL is a powerful film exploring the climate crisis and humanity's relationship with nature, with a focus on Scotland's Flow Country. Our recent workshop with the filmmakers and experts resulted in the initial development of a comprehensive impact campaign strategy to promote the film and drive meaningful change.

Campaign development for ERNTE TEILEN

Online workshop and campaign development for ERNTE TEILEN, a documentary on community-supported agriculture in Germany.

VOD event consultation and management for LizMars Productions

For MEAT THE FUTURE, we researched, implemented and supervised a solution that would automatically and exclusively issue time-limited VOD tickets upon completion of an impact survey.

Campaign development workshop for Film City Futures / New Licht Film

Developing a campaign strategy for TO SEE OURSELVES.

Campaign development for HINTER GUTEN TÜREN

Ideation for a campaign on corporal punishment within families.

Consultations and Development

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