Campaign development for HINTER GUTEN TÜREN

Campaign development for HINTER GUTEN TÜREN

This is great example of how an early campaign development workshop – taking place while a film is still in production – will pay off later. We developed a first impact plan in 2021 which also helped focus the filmmaking process itself.  

The film premiered at high-profile Hofer Filmtage in Germany in November 2023, and we are currently planning impact activities around its theatrical release by German distributor Mindjazz from May 2024 onwards.

HINTER GUTEN TÜREN is the story of two siblings. Their parents loved and supported them. But the parents also used brute force: the children were beaten up, even hit on wounds. They were slapped when they fell. Sometimes for no reason. This was not a contradiction for the parents. They claimed to love their children, and the children believed it.

The two children are the film's director and her brother.

The film documents the family's history and the attempt of its director to talk to her mother about something that is usually kept quiet: the abuse of one's own children.

Koln, Germany

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