• Client: University of Edinburgh / Scottish Documentary Institute
  • Job: education-oriented release of science documentary
  • NationBuilder Architect: Ben Kempas, SDI Productions
  • Graphic design: based on animations by Cameron Duguid
  • Domain:


Built in 2011, this was Ben's first-ever NationBuilder site, and the first European NationBuilder site for a film, as far as we're aware.

Although all the functionality makes the site look a bit too busy by today's standards, we still like the overall design which is based on the excellent hand-drawn animations Cameron Duguid made for the film.

The splash page (a page that people only get to see on their first visit) is also a good example of how to 'sell' a film in just a few slides.

Of particular note is the focus on educational use of the film, breaking the film up into five chapters that are each described on a separate page and shown as sample in a dedicate video player, thus providing dedicated NationBuilder landing pages like this one.

This was also the first time we integrated the Distrify VOD player with the Kunaki on-demand DVD fulfilment service through an API, fully automating the delivery of many different versions to different markets around the world. 

More about 'Maxifying Distrify' in Ben's blog post

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