Filmmaker Hubertus Siegert (m) with protagonists Natalie and Luca
Photo: Mathias Bothor / SUMO Film


  • Client: Mittendrin e.V., Cologne
  • Jpb: Bespoke website for the campaign around the film DIE KINDER DER UTOPIE (full campaign story here)
  • NationBuilder Architect, training and accessibility proofing: Ben Kempas, Film & Campaign
  • Graphic design: Propaganda B
  • Database Setup and Maintenance: Aga Slawinska, Film & Campaign
  • Website archive:

Screenshot of DIE KINDER DER UTOPIE website

Film & Campaign used NationBuilder in a multi-stage campaign around German documentary DIE KINDER DER UTOPIE (Children of Utopia), hosted by the charity Mittendrin in Cologne. This included:

  • Bespoke design of a NationBuilder website theme, based on a mockup by Berlin-based Propaganda B, with all pages automatically colour-coded to correspond with one of the three main areas of activity: the film itself (that's the blue hue), the nationwide day of action (red) and a content universe offering additional information (yellow).
  • Publication of dozens of articles written by the campaign team as well as numerous guest authors over a five-month period leading up to the big day of action, offering a point of discovery as well as avenues for long-term engagement. 
  • Creation of a bespoke cinema-on-demand scheme using NationBuilder's event functionality – with the twist that our would-be audiences RSVP'd for events that weren't even confirmed yet, as these RSVPs would be used to convince cinemas to agree and show the film.
  • Use of NationBuilders 'volunteer' functionality and paths to identify and guide local hosts for every single cinema event.  
  • Event facilitation, with the campaign goal of having one screening in each of the 80 major cities in Germany being exceeded by 100%, and the film being shown on 170 screens across the country on a single night, with almost 20,000 people attending. 
  • Subsequent roll-out of community screenings (another 100 custom events), DVD and VOD offers.
  • Use of NationBuilder's survey functionality, with 2,000 viewers (more than 10% of the audience) replying and confirming a very positive impact: more than 26% of viewers changed their attitude as a result of the film events.

Screenshot of the map of screenings of DIE KINDER DER UTOPIE, all facilitated through NationBuilder

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