Outreach Workshop at DocsBarcelona

Plan an outreach campaign around your film in just two days... in Barcelona!

Are you a director or producer of documentaries and you want to develop a convincing strategy to effectively reach audiences with your next film?

DocsBarcelona offers you the opportunity to maximize the potential of your project by participating in a high-level workshop on outreach strategy and impact distribution. The purpose of the workshop is to arrive at a concrete plan tailored to each selected film project. You can participate with a project in development or as an observer.


Day 1

Filmmaking between Art and Activism

Let’s bust the great myths around outreach and impact work.

What are we going to work on?

Presentation of three selected projects (with trailers), represented by two to three people (often director, producer, outreach person). Initial assignment of up to three observers to each project.

Myths and Mechanics of a Campaign

From the big vision to a concrete strategy: why are we doing this, who are we targeting, how are we talking to them, and how do we keep them engaged?

Group work: The Brilliant Brainstorming Break-out

Get crazy shaping the big plan! From an artistic concept to defining impact goals: let’s find, target and engage audiences and influencers.


Day 2

Small Steps to a Big Plan

Brief presentations of the previous day’s group work around the three titles of choice. Feedback and new ideas from the participants.

Group work: Strategies for Standing Out

Around the three projects, what are the best strategies for building partnerships and relationships, for producing additional content, for calls to action, or for making your events stand out?

Group work: The Devil in the Detail

Let’s get this campaign organised! Team building, scheduling, budgeting.

Perfect Pitches

Pitching your outreach campaign to potential partners just like you’d pitch your film to funders.

Don’t Drop the Ball!

The importance of continued development, recommendations for next steps, and participants’ feedback on the workshop.

May 16, 2018 - May 17, 2018
Montalegre 5
Barcelona 08001
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