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Turn your films into a movement.

No matter if you're running a grassroots campaign or organising a more 'traditional' release: filmmakers – and in particular independent documentary makers – should be 'nation builders', identifying and expanding their supporter base, and developing it into their greatest asset.

At FILM & CAMPAIGN we love NationBuilder, a community organising system which fully integrates

  • your content management (film websites),
  • your supporter database (audience relations), 
  • your campaigning toolset (outreach work),
  • your communications (email, calls, social media),
  • your event management (screenings), and
  • your donation drives (crowdfunding).

This illustration from NationBuilder sums it up very well:


NationBuilder allows you to have all your websites feed into a main database of supporters, volunteers, donors, recruiters and prospects (potential supporters). These websites could each represent one of your projects, or different language versions, or your main organisation, or a related cause or protagonist.

Built-in tools for your campaign include petitions, endorsements, surveys, volunteer roles, crowdfunding, and memberships. Calls to action get prominently featured across the platform.

nationbuilder-architect_opt.pngBen Kempas, founder of FILM & CAMPAIGN, has been a certified NationBuilder Architect for several years – and the only one who comes from a background in filmmaking. While this means he sometimes needs to hire external developers for more complicated code, he comes with a deep understanding of the specific needs of the documentary industry.

Not just for filmmakers

That said, Ben's services are not limited to clients in the film world, and he really knows his way around NationBuilder themes, page types, style sheets, and the specific Liquid template language.

Depending on your budget, we can build your NationBuilder website

  • based on an out-of-the-box theme,
  • as customised theme adaptation, or
  • completely bespoke, built from the ground up.

You can see examples for each category on this page. We will either adapt your project's existing artwork or work with a dedicated graphic designer who will develop your bespoke look.

Take control of the control panel

NationBuilder's toolset is very powerful, but it is essentially just that: a set of tools. Even with all its automation, it won't do complete magic, and it can seem rather complex at times. You will need to work these tools.

We can help you get the most out of NationBuilder by

  • making your messages highly relevant to target audiences by segmenting your supporter database, taking into account locations and previous interactions,
  • never losing a lead through follow-up procedures and point person assignments,
  • prioritising individual relations with your strongest supporters identified through their activity score (NationBuilder's 'social capital'),
  • setting up specific landing pages to measure traffic and recruit supporters, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness your communications and advertising, and
  • integrating third-party apps for further advocacy tools, more complex data input, or video-on-demand platforms.

As independent expert, Ben can train you and your staff, or actually organise your campaign on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Get organised – and get even more

We can also implement a couple of special add-ons that are not available to NationBuilder customers out of the box, such as 

  • VOD players, embeddable across the web, with signups or purchases through the player feeding straight into your nation's database in real time,
  • preview display of related contents underneath each page, based on page tags,
  • NationBuilder forms integrated into existing non-NationBuilder websites (though we do recommend a complete move for full functionality),
  • Twitter Cards automatically generated for each NationBuilder page (these are the previews you see under tweets that link to certain websites),
  • advanced blog navigation with WordPress-type elements such as links to previous or next posts, 
  • site search engine integration, and
  • display of user-specific website content based on previous interactions (say, show different calls to action for users who have already seen your film and those who haven't).

We could go on. Or you could just get in touch now. And get a free initial consultation over the phone or in an online meeting.

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