• Client: Film and Tell, Stockholm/Oslo
  • Job: Mid-length documentary involving several NGO partners
  • NationBuilder Architect: Ben Kempas, Film & Campaign
  • Graphic design: based on a still by photographer Annika Falkuggla and the Verve theme
  • Language versions: English and Swedish
  • Website: archived version here


What you can see at the moment are just the beginnings of a campaigning platform around the documentary MY LIFE MY LESSON. At present, the site essentially covers the film's recent world premiere at IDFA, the largest documentary festival in the world.

Over time, you'll see this website feature lots of additional pages such as petitions and surveys related to the film's subject matter: how children and young people witness domestic violence among their parents.

We really like NationBuilder's new Verve theme, and have built the site for MY LIFE MY LESSON on that framework, yet modified it heavily to revolve around a powerful image that is also the central element on the film's poster.

The challenge was to have the main motif – the film's protagonist Felicia – centred on the page and staring at the viewer at all times while preserving the site's responsiveness across mobiles, tablets and desktops.

The home page features a semi-automated mix of excerpts from featured pages, the latest news around the film, and screening information with maps. The events functionality was modified to automatically show the last few screenings if no upcoming events have been announced yet.

As another NationBuilder modification, this site makes use of a third-party lightbox to show the trailer in an overlay right from a play button in the banner on any page. So whichever way viewers enter the site, the player will only ever be a single click away: it'll appear on the same page upon request, but without slowing down the original load time of the page.

[Update 2018: The site has since been exchanged by the distributors but an archived version can be accessed here.]

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