Free Leopoldo

  • Client: Friends of a Free Venezuela, Miami
  • Job: Campaign to release the imprisoned Venezuelan Opposition Leader
  • NationBuilder Architect: Ben Kempas
  • Graphic design: origin unknown
  • Domain:


This is one of our clients outside the film world. Ben was asked to fix and upgrade a design that had been put in place by a developer who was less experienced with NationBuilder.

He implemented a number of neat new features, including a timeline of events with each entry editable as separate 'blog post' in the control panel, and an article section where each original article can be previewed in an iframe so users don't need to leave the framework of the campaign website.

Ben also prepared a Spanish version of the site that will go live soon.

When viewing this site, please keep in mind there are still some minor bugs to be fixed on this site, and it wasn't built by Ben from the ground up.

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