• Client: Meridian Hill Pictures, Washington D.C.
  • Subject: Documentary in progress
  • NationBuilder Architect: Ben Kempas, Film & Campaign
  • Graphic design: Dan Sharkey, Dizzy Giant
  • Domain:


We developed this new custom theme, based on a graphic design by Dizzy Giant, for "DC's community-based documentary company", Meridian Hill Pictures. This is for a film about green jobs and justice – or how "hope can grow anywhere".

It contains numerous upgrades compared to standard NationBuilder functionality – including extended calls to action; Kickstarter lightboxes; modification of featured content to serve as page headers; and easy editing of anything that will likely need changes in the future, such as video links or partner logos.

Our client has been equipped with a 5-page custom theme guide and will be able to do such changes without any need to dig into the code or call us again.

As with all new NationBuilder themes, this one is fully responsive across devices and screen resolutions.

As we're posting this, there are just a few hours left to contribute to Meridian Hill Pictures' Kickstarter crowdfunder for this film, now nearing 150% of their initial goal!


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  • commented 2018-02-10 22:39:00 +0000
    Oh, come on, Ben Wiser! You started out so nicely but then you ended up in spammy self-promotion. So we trimmed your tree-trimming comment and removed the link for your company. Hope that’s OK?
  • commented 2018-02-09 20:43:23 +0000
    City of Trees is so inspiring!

    Environmental social justice is a big deal right now, and some would say so is the filming industry. When you put the two together you get City of Trees! As someone who works around trees every week, pruning, planting and trimming

    [message pruned]
  • commented 2018-02-01 21:42:06 +0000
    We just got alerted that the link to the City of Trees website was incorrect. It has now been amended.
  • commented 2014-12-31 18:52:03 +0000
    Thanks for your brilliant work on our website! Ben has been a consummate collaborator. He is extremely professional, timely and possesses a rare blend of creative and technical expertise. Thanks to your efforts building the site and advising the staff at our production company, Meridian Hill Pictures, on how to best leverage and adopt Nationbuilder, we’ve been able to raise more than $58K from 500+ people on Kickstarter, and build an incredible community of supporters who will help give the film the life it deserves once it’s complete.

    Our deepest gratitude for your work and hope that we are able to collaborate again soon on another project!

    Lance Kramer
    Executive Director
    Meridian Hill Pictures