Independent SAGE and other non-profits

The opportunity to work with the UK’s Independent Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Indie SAGE) was presented to us by our live-streaming pal Sheridan Flynn who initially produced most of its sessions.

Probably the most important livestream production work we’ve carried out so far, this independent version of the UK Government's expert panel on COVID-19 naturally gathered significant public attention, with its weekly briefings regularly viewed by tens of thousands across social media platforms. 

Here is a recent edition we produced:

Unlike with most of our other online live productions, participants here join at the last minute via Zoom rather than in advance on direct connections to us. Still, we use special software to capture up to seven separate streams of individual Zoom participants, which allows us to vision-mix between them – an option that's not available to folk who stream straight from Zoom.

While this work moved us out of our comfort zone of the film world, it offered a great opportunity to hone and develop our livestream production offering, and built up a raft of experience troubleshooting and ironing out the inevitable problems to which remote live events give rise. 

We then went on to build up a regular non-profit client base beyond the film world including the Irish counterpart to Independent SAGE, ISAG, Conciliation Resources, Foxglove, the Real Facebook Oversight Board, and Sir David King's Climate Crisis Advisory Group.

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