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Here's my 'Impulsvortrag'

As I sometimes refer to myself as a "cultural refugee from Germany", it's very good to see the Germans finally getting their heads around the importance of outreach campaigns for documentaries.

Here's a talk and discussion recorded at a Filmfest event in Hamburg, hosted by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Hostein and Deutsche Filmakademie. I had been asked to do an 'impulsvortrag' (an 'impetus speech'). That was a new word to me, and I admit I had to ask a German friend what it involves: a short talk to kickstart a longer discussion.

Anyway, if you can spare 10 minutes and understand German, this clip may give you a better idea about our work:

The player should be cued up to take you right to the beginning of my talk. If that's not the case, you'll find it from minute 42.

This weekend in Berlin, a think tank at Deutsche Filmakademie will scrutinise, among other proposals, the various ideas I've explored over the last few years.

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