Taking on East Germany's regime and paying the ultimate price

  • A film by Alexander Dittner and Ben Kempas 
  • Produced by Xframe GmbH for Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RBB)
  • 44 minutes

TAKE ON EAST GERMANY's regime and pay the ultimate price

This is the story of Michael Gartenschläger, an early political prisoner in East Germany.

Sentenced for life at the age of 17, and later redeemed by the West, he could not stop fighting the socialist regime.

He boldly dismantled spring-gun mines at the Iron Curtain to reveal their presence to the public. The Stasi killed him in 1976.


GEGEN DIE GRENZE is only available in German. The film's title translates as a mix of 'Confronting the Border' and 'Against the Limit'.

The documentary carefully reconstructs Gartenschläger's life and presents a number of newly discovered documents, including original audio tapes of an interview in which he talks about his actions and motives.

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