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Fraudulent impersonation of

Fraudulent impersonation of

Several members of the public in the UK have contacted us this month (May 2022) regarding fraudulent charges they've seen on their cards or bank accounts which all appear to state '' as recipient's name. 

Are you affected by this? Please read this and get in touch.

We would never request any charges like that, and any real card payments to us would show the actual company name rather than this web address as recipient.

We can also assure you we've double-checked all of our payment systems. They have not been compromised. And we obviously wouldn't have access to the card details of strangers to begin with! None of the people affected were clients of ours or otherwise recorded in any of our databases at any point.

So while there is no fraudulent activity or data breach at our end, your card or account details have clearly been compromised somewhere – otherwise the fraudsters wouldn't be able to charge you.

We believe our web address is simply being used to misdirect any enquiries questioning the charges – and that seems to be working well, to our great frustration! As all this is starting to take up a significant amount of our own time, there's now a case to be made from our end for impersonation and damages. 

From what we've heard, the amounts victims have been charged so far have been small – between £0.81 and £0.83, which happens to roughly equal one US Dollar and is a common amount for card authorisation requests. It seems fraudsters may just be using such a small amount to stay under the radar – or to simply validate your card details before proceeding to request a significantly higher amount later on.

So while the amount may look negligible at this point, the only plausible explanation is that your card details have been compromised somewhere, and we urge you to report this charge to your bank as fraud. 

In addition, we also ask you to take a moment and drop us a quick note using the secure form below. Please tell us what happened so we can keep a log of cases and we can update you when we obtain any new insights. You can also email us at [email protected] or call us on (0131) 460 1600. 

Just remember – you still need to contact your bank. And feel free to point them to this page for further information.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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