Ben filming a Welthungerhilfe campaign in Kenya
Photo: Bewegte Zeiten/Jürgen Kinateder

Films Intro

Films Intro

Got a story to tell? We can bring the power of documentary to your campaign.

Documentary film is one of the most powerful storytelling tools – human, observational, educational, creative – and convincing. 

While our own film projects get independently financed and produced, we are also available for hire. With over 20 years' worth of documentary production experience, our team will help you get your message across: from providing camera crews to managing complete productions and marketing them. 

Film the change you want to see in the world

Film & Campaign founder Ben Kempas also makes his own films, many of them produced or co-produced by international broadcasters and production companies (see each listing for details). 

These documentary films have one strong theme running through them: they're all about people trying to achieve change – tearing down tall dams or cruel borders, restoring indigenous culture or a whole country, or ridding the world of nuclear weapons. 

His most successful film to date, UPSTREAM BATTLE, had its North American premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and won a number of environmental and human rights awards, screening at more than 30 festivals worldwide.

And Then You Win

The first own production by Film & Campaign is still in progress, as we've been too busy working for our clients. AND THEN YOU WIN follows four women who dedicated their lives to the grassroots campaign for Scottish independence.

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