We believe in the power of documentary film.

FILM & CAMPAIGN will organise outreach campaigns around your documentary, establish networks with partner organisations, help you build your own solid audience database, and develop your community-driven, action-focused website.

Strong films need strong campaigns

Ben Kempas, founder of FILM & CAMPAIGN, is an experienced campaigner, award-winning filmmaker and certified NationBuilder Architect.

He has been advising other documentary filmmakers, producers and distribution strategists around the world on their projects – well-known professionals and newcomers alike. From 2011 to 2014, Ben worked as producer of marketing and distribution for the Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI), helping to bring worldwide attention to their feature-length documentaries.

Punch above your weight

For example, his team at SDI organised the campaign for I AM BREATHING. A film about a man dying of a rare disease isn't typically something people want to go to the cinema for. However, a broad community-driven campaign led to more than 350 unique screenings in 50 countries, most of them held around a single 'global screening day'. Ben also oversaw the development of a Portable Fundraiser toolset that raised a substantial number of donations. Thousands of supporters signed a petition to get the documentary seen more widely, culminating in an Oscar-qualifying theatrical run in the United States.

With FILM & CAMPAIGN, Ben has worked on high-profile projects including BUGS (building and running BUGSfeed, a publishing platform to make audiences consider eating insects – against all odds) and Moving Docs (a pan-European initiative for audience development which includes films like BIKES VS CARS, A GOOD AMERICAN and FREE LUNCH SOCIETY).

On this page, you can explore some current case studies as well as some projects that Ben worked on prior to starting FILM & CAMPAIGN. His expertise is now available to everyone, and we'll soon introduce you to our clients on the blog.

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