Filming UPSTREAM BATTLE in Oregon
Photo: Magdalena Hutter

Notes from the Film & Campaign trail

Scottish independence and the film industry

If Scotland's share of new nuclear weapons were to be spent on film instead, that would give Scotland a film fund in excess of £250 million every year.
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Can we 'sell' a film about a world without money?

FUTURE MY LOVE was produced under the current economic system. Our obvious target audience, however, advocates the elimination of money.
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Maxifying Distrify - the PMD's Top Ten Tips

Ben Kempas shares his Top Ten Tips how to get the most out of Distrify, a key tool for "selling movies socially" across the web.
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Why we should build our own nations

What independent filmmakers can learn from politicians when it comes to nation-building, and using NationBuilder.
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Going in Circles

A virtuous circle: "Each additional member increases a network's value, which in turn attracts more members, which in turn increases value... a spiral of benefits."
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