Filming UPSTREAM BATTLE in Oregon
Photo: Magdalena Hutter

Notes from the Film & Campaign trail

A European Story from Scotland

This morning around 6am, after a sleepless night and with tears in my eyes, I found myself applying to join a political party – something I had never done in my entire life. I would like to share how this came about.
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I was a PMD

It's nearly been six years since the concept of a dedicated 'producer of marketing and distribution' was introduced by Jon Reiss. Having been one of the first-ever PMDs, I'm keeping a close eye on how this concept is evolving. What's needed for it to catch on across the film industry?
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Why 2016 is my 'Year of the Dad'

Who would have thought I would write a blog post about the fact that I went to the zoo with my daughter today? (Well, as you may suspect, there was a bit more to it. )
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Bye-bye 2015 – bye-bye Klamath Settlements

Today marks the expiration of a rather hopeful episode in the old saga of Cowboys and Indians.
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Ambiguity is credibility

The EDN member of the month for December 2015 is Ben Kempas, founder of Film & Campaign Ltd. in Edinburgh, Scotland. EDN has talked to Ben Kempas about his company and its services and about the buzz around outreach and impact.
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Film & Campaign congratulates PRISON SISTERS at IDFA Forum

Congratulations to the team behind PRISON SISTERS which was voted 'best pitch' at last week's IDFA Forum in Amsterdam.
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The old, the new and the sky

Maybe we can all work to make sure that in 2015, the protagonists in documentaries get the same recognition as the filmmakers. How's that for a new year's resolution?
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My declaration of independence

Alongside making documentaries, I always wanted to be a campaigner for other people's docs in order to share their incredible power with wider audiences. Here comes FILM & CAMPAIGN.
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Scottish independence and the film industry

If Scotland's share of new nuclear weapons were to be spent on film instead, that would give Scotland a film fund in excess of £250 million every year.
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Can we 'sell' a film about a world without money?

FUTURE MY LOVE was produced under the current economic system. Our obvious target audience, however, advocates the elimination of money.
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Maxifying Distrify - the PMD's Top Ten Tips

Ben Kempas shares his Top Ten Tips how to get the most out of Distrify, a key tool for "selling movies socially" across the web.
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Why we should build our own nations

What independent filmmakers can learn from politicians when it comes to nation-building, and using NationBuilder.
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