Campaign development for BENEATH THE POLAR SUN

Campaign development for BENEATH THE POLAR SUN

In the Arctic’s Last Ice Area, 500 nautical miles from the North Pole, a scientific team is on a rare mission to measure the world’s oldest ice floes. Tiny specks in a vast ocean wilderness, they are alone. And they’re in trouble. Jumbled slabs of sea ice are closing in from every corner. Hauling loaded kayaks, the team struggles to follow a route that had been navigable only years earlier. Trapped in a frozen maelstrom – caught in the grip of the floes they came to study – something has to give. The science is scuttled: bearing witness to Earth’s most pressing existential threat, what matters now is survival. They must escape the chaos by traversing a narrow channel between Canada and Greenland – the most formidable passage of the polar North.

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boards with notes from the workshop

Stephen in front of a window covered with post-it notes

Diana Kushner, Ben Kempas and Stephen Smith

Enduring Ice Project
Hope Valley, RI

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